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Uni Deals Suck

published August 12, 2023

hello there deadusb.com dwellers,

i have not been up to much, thanks for asking. but i have been up to preparing for uni
which is very exciting

you can thank that for the lack of stuff

i really cant leave my amazing loyalists waiting so long without a post. (thats a lie, im bored and its like 7am)

anyways while looking around for uni supplies i ended up finding some deals that students get
spoiler alert they're all kinda garbage

first up, we have apple:

$200 gift card on select ipads and macs

sounds like a good deal right?

tbh a $200 gift card to apple is like a couple of free accessories which usually look kinda weird but are rather well in quality.

fun fact this is the only deal i actually took cause i could really use an ipad for notetaking and math problems
thank you mother for funding this purchase (i am so god damn broke)

overall its an ok deal, the ipad itself is barely on sale but the fact that i needed an apple pencil anyways (which the gift card covers) is very nice

next up is
uh this:

50% off + one free item at Adam&Eve

this one
yeah idk

my favourite part about uni is all the dildos and sextoys i need to buy so it really helps to get some %50 off

idrc that this one exists its just that this is somehow one of the better deals on the site
moving on

now we got Razer:

various deals from Razer

what is RazerCare that sounds so dumb

+ why is there a deal for laptops and then a joke for laptops

truly anyone buying something razer for post-secondary purposes deserves to fail every course
no hate to razer specifically, i use some products but not for anything professional lmao

gonna show up to class with my rgb light show i saved 5% on

[insert linus tech tip segway]

its nord vpn you already know the deal


why is this even here
its insulting

ive seen this exact same deal on half of the youtube videos i watch

recycling it here for uni/college students is seriously so pointless

whatever i've had enough of these deals
if you want to laugh at them yourself just go to myunidays.com or whatever
not even worth my time to put an <a>

sorry for the filler but the bad news is the posts will be more scarce
hope you understand

thanks for reading. love you all