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God I Love CSS

published August 5, 2023

hey there deadusb.COM loyalists!!!!!!

and yes you read that right... deadusb.com is now the domain of the site!
biggest thanks to karthin for actually buying it

now that money has actually been poured into this (kinda ass) website, the quality will increase because it feels like a real responsibility yknow?

and talking about increasing quality...

the site now has vastly better support for mobile
but its kinda wip so maybe dont rotate your screen and start lurking
or really really shrink the webpage

besides that weve got more things on the itinerary:

lets dive in once again


if you read the previous blog post you would know that in topic 3 i mentioned a blog rework, because as of writing this, the blog page is just one after another, which is pretty terrible for a number of reasons.

i would be working on this now BUT thanks to the new domain i can host this on a subdomain which means blog.deadusb.com will end up hosting the blog posts.

im told that this would take a seperate repo so in the future the blog site and the normal site might look different due to being standalone sites.

im very excited for this change so expect something actually good because i really want it to be
+ a celebratory cat image

silly cat

might make a trello or something for this blog rework cause i have a lot of ideas and i also wanna show off progress


scroll to the bottom of the page. see anything?
(you should please tell me you do)

yeah thats right, a footer for the site
im such an innovator aren't i.

as of writing this blogpost (though i hope not for long) it looks like this:

ill eventually add something like a contact link or whatever websites usually have down there
maybe a webring?

this might not actually stay tbh. not sure how i feel abt a footer for the site


bit of a 2-in-1 here but the site looked kinda stupid panning across the whole device
and with a little css and troubleshooting, it looks a LOT better now.

by "2-in-1", i am referring to how blogposts are now aligned to the LEFT of the box, which makes everthing look more readable and more professional
which is ironic considering this site is far from professional


while writing the previous post, mega joined vc and i wanted to include him BUT I FORGOT TO PUT IN THE <img> TAG BUT I STILL PUT THE IMAGE IN THE FOLDER SO THERE WAS AN IMAGE LABELLED blog3_himega.jpg AND I PUSHED IT WITHOUT USING IT SO I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT.

anyways, after a simple rename the image is now being used in THIS post.
(because apart from spelling mistakes and continuity, i am NOT going to tamper with old posts)

me and mega in a discord voice channel named 'karaoke'

anyways that pretty much wraps it up for this post, thanks for reading.

big things coming soon.
love you all