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Improving the Website
(working title: FOUND SOMETHING TO DO)

(also) published August 3, 2023

hello deadusb.github.io henchmen, got a BIG post for you all to make up for the lull that was the previous post

got a few things on the to-do list already which is ironic considering the last blog post talking about how bored i am was like 2 minutes ago

lets go over what this entails
(like a real blog post!)


you ever been using discord and paste a link and something appears at the bottom????

google.com's embed on discord

yeah well this amazing site is MISSING those
which is lame

deadusb.github.io with NO embed (lame)

i decided i wanted one of those
but what should i put on it?

to figure out what exactly i wanted to do with the rich embed i came up with a few ideas and presented them like this:

1.latest blog? 2.simple introduction? 3.zoos music? 4.annoy sppongy?

took some darts and bought a new monitor which led me to realize; why not all of them? (sorta)

you might be saying "but awesome cool mr dadusb? what do you mean all of them?
and to that i say Feast Your Eyes on my CONCEPT DRAWINGS!

we will have TWO embeds! one for the blog specifically, and another for the rest of the site. note the blog one was supposed to have the subtext.. my bad

alr going in-depth here the blog one will always have the latest post, unless the link is to a specific blog (spoilers for topic 3), and at the bottom, a reminder to sppongy that he cant get a blog up (like the loser pants he is)

the normal one, the index, will have a basic introduction, alongside zoos music as a video or something

turns out my vision was too great for discord to handle

jk but seems a bit of a problem has come up
turns out discord has exclusive stuff with youtube and such for the embeds (which makes sense tbh)

but that means no zoosmusic video/audio playing. which sucks but instead i talked to mr zoosmusic HIMSELF and added this amazing gif per his request

silly cat swimming

anyways ill touch up on this more but so far things are going well.
now onto part 2


this was actually very easy, thanks to this great video

tbh a little too easy i wonder if this is bad practice


ok this is first update that'll come later but basically,
imagine a blog that ENDLESSLY SCROLLS.

a pretty annoying thing to imagine no? yeah i thought so too.
so basically im going to shrink all the other blog posts and leave the latest one open
like this

the deadusb website with smaller blog posts

this is really simple so expect this update soon my loves.


ok moving onto the rest of the site since this blog has been hogging up most of the site anyways

one of the very first coding programming things i did was make the shit little breakout game thats been featured on every iteration of this site

and if you played it you'd agree.
doesnt even matter cause i "stole"(rewrote) that from some tutorial article that i was learning from

in short; it wasnt mine, and i want to feature amazing ORIGINAL content
and thanks to the power of Unity2D i can!

Unity2D with my amazing breakout game in progress

truly amazing no? its been on hold for 2 weeks already but since im making this post and im not one to dissapoint (often) ill get it finished up and on this site PostHaste


remember how i said im not one to dissapoint? you should expect that from this topic.

i really really want to do this but theres a chance i am incapable of making something like this cause it requires things such as:

yeah this will come in quite a later time because i need js and maybe php (idk what php is for) + some other stuff idk

yeah um thats finally it. gonna be back in about a week or so for that blog rework
time to push this commit and hope everything works