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Im Bored

published August 3, 2023

hello deadusb.github.io fanatics,

got another blog post for you all here but this ones gonna be real limited in its contents due to the fact that i have been up to nothing in the recent days

ive been wondering what to do with the new laptop i got. its running arch linux with kde plasma 5
and its nice but there isnt really a reason for me to keep using linux as i go into uni

ooh talking about uni i actually got my schedule put together nicely since some of the poopy garbage hellish fiends that are the responsible first year students dropped the morning class for calc
so that means i got in it

also coincidentally i got an email mentioning my electives, which apparently i cannot take as a first year
so i need 2 new elective courses. ill figure that out ig

feels weird leaving this off without an image so ill add another cat because those are fucking awesome i love cats


stay tuned fanatics ,, there will be More Soon...
love, deadusb