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Worst Pizza

published March 6, 2024

idc that its been months, this pizza sucked so bad i had to share

oh and happy new year

ok enough of that

if u check the main site (which recently got a new facelift) you would know that i go to western uni

if you've been to western you'd know like the only place to get pizza here would be pizza pizza in the natural science building

if you've eaten pizza pizza you'd know how BAD it is and how their dips are the only thing that makes it all worth it

i went anyways because they're also the cheapest place to get food on campus
which is the truer tragedy here btw.

my fatass ordered 2 slices of cheese bc i had a 9am class and was hungry from then

sadly today they're out of dips

and so i present to you:

oh lord
note the lack of crust

this slice had all the sauce at the back
for some reason

trying to even hold this thing was annoying and trying to pull it apart was even more of a challenge

got sauce all over my writing hand :(

also since all the sauce was living its life up by the crust, the rest of the pizza had NOTHING

anyways i ate that ig

then opened slice 2

hey not so bad

honestly this one was better

still dry tbh

please keep in note the lack of dip

that was all like ~20 mins ago as of my writing this

the empty box is still right next to me

my next class is in like 20mins so im gonna post this and go to that

more posts coming soon(?) but i know the facelift for THIS site is coming soon(actually)

i know you all missed me,, I love u too <3